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I Have Heard Rock Talk

Crop circles
ripples on water
prints on snow

Renounce the mundane
embrace the sorcery of stone
For I have heard rock talk

To invoke
chatter and crack
crimped in sediment
I offered myself
to fossilised sirens
Rock wept
and cursed

Come neophyte
Iwill show you how

Take chalk
powdered rock-blood
virginal white
dust fingers
to open the route

(Through digits the spirits
will speak)

Truss genitals in tight restraint
wear rubber on feet

(Wing of bat and eye of newt are no
longer the acceptable accoutrements of the
21st century pagan)

Approach rock
feel the force
Flesh resurrects
these Gritstone walls

Offerings of skin
torn on craggy face
summon the supervisors
of the single pitch

As you rise


probing fingers become ears

carefully in your head


with charm of silver

once more

Spiritual sediment beckons
"Go on. Go on."

demonic verse
Omen theme
monks in red chanting
"Be gone. Be gone."

And the atheist cries

And the rock pagan conjures
"Jesus H. Christ"

If silence prevails
return to Peak
spell book

start again.

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