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Me memes 1-25 key

1. 10 words that I use to describe myself
2. Names of people I know
3. Places I've lived
4. Old Girlfriends, excluding Carolyn who I forgot completely
5. Teachers
6. Favourite bands at the time
7. Old bikes
8. Things I'd like to live without
9. Best friends
10. Funerals
11. Things I get told off for
12. I don't like...
13. Old mobiles
14. An a-typical breakfast
15. Things people said to me today
16. In the sack
17. Important films at the time
18. Rob Coopers around the world
19. My Christmas presents
20. My new morning routine
21. Previous employment
22. I wish I was responsible for...
23. Things that stop me going
24. British holiday destinations
25. Why I like The Matrix

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